Disney In The Dark

Disney theme parks are full of magic and wonder; even more so at night.
Disney In The Dark is dedicated to displaying wonderful pictures of all the Disney parks once the sun has set and the stars have been placed in the sky.
I don't own the right to any image unless stated otherwise. All images will be given credit. Feel free to submit any night pictures from any Disney theme park :3
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I am just the worst at blogging, aren’t I. I have totally abandoned ‘Disney In The Dark’. Shame on me! I’ve got exciting news though….

I’ll be participating in the Disney College Program this Fall at WDW!

Since I’ll be living at Disney World for five months, I’m planning on taking my OWN photos of all the Disney lights and posting them on here :D

I don’t know if any of my followers are participating (have participated) in the DCP but I figured I’d post the following on here anyways! :

 Cassie and I are now “official” roommates. We are looking for two more 21+ non-wellness people to be our suitemates.

Patterson or Chatham.

Our arrival date is August 15th.

‘Read More’ for my roommate survey!

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Thanks for this really pretty tumblr. The idea is fantastic :) 

Aww, thank you for being motivation enough to make me start posting again. Disney In The Dark is back for business!

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